It’s day four of National Young Farmers Week, with just one more day to go let’s introduce the next member of our County Team for 2018/2019!


Carly Watkins


23 – the youngest member of the County Team!

Member since?

2012 – I joined Young Farmers’ whilst in sixth form, I had always said that Young Farmers’ wasn’t for me and it took some convincing to get me to go along, one day I plucked up the courage to go along and I still remember being absolutely petrified at my first meeting! Little did I know how big a part YFC would come to play in my life.


Wotton and Dursley Vale

A little bit about you…

I’m a marketing executive for a marketing and creative agency in Dursley. I live in Cam with my family and two dogs, I’m a home bird. There really is no place like home, I didn’t even go away for University, I studied Education at the University of Gloucestershire. After finishing my degree I completely changed course and became a wedding and events manager, moved away from home to Cheltenham for a year and found myself incredibly busy!

I moved back home and life calmed down again, I got myself a job with more sociable hours but I’m still as busy, always out and about somewhere or doing something (a lot of the time it’s YFC related).

I grew up spending time on my Great-Grandparents arable and beef farm in Stroud. I have many fond memories of the farm including the phone calls at all hours to say the cows had escaped.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I love to organise and often find myself with a large to do list.

What does YFC mean to you?

YFC to me means fun, learning and achievement – now I know that is YFC’s slogan, but it’s so true.

I love the social side of YFC, I have made so many lifelong friends, met so many wonderful people, sang and danced the night away at many events and enjoyed many a time just getting stuck in and having fun!

I have also learnt a lot from YFC about so many different things from cake decorating to confidence, the possibilities are endless. I would not be who I am today without YFC, having been quite a nervous and shy character for 18 years of my life I am now so much more confident thanks to YFC (but don’t get me wrong, I’m still a little nervous and you probably won’t find me entering public speaking competitions any time soon).

YFC also provides a massive sense of achievement, and I’m not talking about just placing in competitions but in everything, from hosting fundraising events to organising the clubs programme and even just watching fellow members around you achieve such great things.

I am extremely proud to have the privilege to be part of such an incredible organisation, it’s one of a kind, there’s nothing else like YFC that offers so much and that you can get so involved with. YFC is ran by the members, for the members and that’s what makes it great!


Activities and Development Chairman and County Press Officer

What do your roles include?

As Activities and Development Chair I am responsible for organising the counties events, from social events to competitions. As I mentioned before, I love organising and there’s no greater feeling than standing back at an event and seeing everyone have a good time! As part of this role I also like to get out and attend as many events as possible.

I love to see the members get really involved and stuck in, so any feedback and suggestions are always taken on board. Ultimately I want you to have fun, enjoy yourselves and walk away from everything we do saying ‘wow, that was great’, so I will do everything I can to make that happen!

As County Press Officer I am responsible for writing and sending the Federation’s press releases to the local papers, managing the local media, running the social media along with our County Chairman Caz, and showing off all the great things that YFC does. I also design a lot of our counties advertisements and love to get stuck into the general YFC behind the scenes stuff!

Throw yourself in as much as possible, push yourself out of your comfort zones and meet as many people as you can but at the same time, do not forget to look after number one – yourself. If ever you need to take a step back or someone to talk to, reach out because YFC is one big family and there is always someone to listen.


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Carly Watkins - Activities and Development Chair for 2018-/2019