We are nearing the end of day two of National Young Farmers’ Week, and it is our pleasure to introduce to you another one of our County Team for 2018/2019!


Brigette Hall

Involved since? 

I joined Young Farmers’ when I was 16 and have been involved ever since.

A little bit about you? 

I am from a non-farming background, however I do live on a small holding with a pony, two black Labradors – Jack and Harry, two cats (who have a tendency to fight) and my family.

My husband Richard, is very patient and attends many of the social events with me and when we are at home he is always there to listen to me talk about YFC and ‘nodding’ in the just the right places. 

My son Gareth also enjoyed his time within Young Farmers’. He joined at a later age throughly enjoying the social aspect that YFC provides and has made life long friends through YFC. 

My daughter, Katie Hall, was previously Gloucestershire’s County Chairman and is now currently the National Vice Chairman, I am extremely proud of her.

What does YFC mean to you?

Keeping it short and sweet, YFC to me means the following:

• Friends for life.

• A life changing organisation that everyone should have the chance to be involved with.

• It’s a fantastic ride, I just wish I was 40 years younger to experience my YFC journey all over again.

What roles have you previously had in YFC and what is your role now? 

I have taken on lots of roles during my time in Young Farmers’. Some of the roles I have taken on are; Club Chairman, County Chairman (a little while back now), Club President, and currently I am Gloucestershire’s President, as well as one of the Vice President’s of South West Area. I am truly passionate about YFC and will always shout about the great work of members!

What do your current roles include?

My role is wide and full of variety! Some of the things my role includes are attending the committee meetings, judging competitions, providing advice when it is required and supporting  our wonderful County Officer team. 

However, the thing that  I consider to be my most important job is meeting you, the members, and seeing you all develop and grow during your YFC experiences and journeys. It is an absolute joy and I will forever be encouraging members to get involved with all that YFC has to offer.


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County President 2018/2019 - Brigette Hall