It’s day three of National Young Farmers’ Week, and we’re kicking it off with another introduction to one of our County Team for 2018/2019!


Kate Edginton – often spelt incorrect! 


26… which means its my last competing year – much to my dismay!

Member since?

I joined in 2010 as an 18 year old when all of my school friends went off to university.



A little bit about you…

I’m a farmers daughter from Westbury on Severn. I work as an accountant acting for farmers and landowners. I love providing insight into farming businesses and Young Farmers has certainly helped with this. Without all that I have learnt from my fellow members and club meetings about farming, would I be doing this job? Who knows but it’s certainly given me the confidence! 

Outside of YFC and work, I enjoy playing and watching cricket, performing arts and cake decorating… Okay, so the last two are part of YFC to, but it proves the diversity that’s available in the organisation right?

What does YFC mean to you?

I wouldn’t be who I am today without YFC. Since joining I have been fortunate enough to take part in all sorts of competitions, from public speaking to cake decorating, dancing to stock judging, learning new skills and making friends for life along the way. 


County Treasurer

What does your role include?

My role as treasurer quite simply involves keeping on top of the County’s finances. It sounds simple but I have been told by Caz its mostly definitely not! It’s not the most glamorous role but someone’s gotta do it.

YFC has provided me with so many incredible opportunities and I just implore every member to reach for the stars and take everything you can from this incredible organisation! Accept the challenges, ask questions and challenge the standards, I certainly do. I’ve never been Club or County Chairman and yet I was SWA’s Senior Member of the Year and have sat on NFYFC steering groups/working parties. If you want to make a difference you can!


National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs

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County Treasurer 2018/2019 - Kate Edginton